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Best programming language apps for Android users

In relation to studying programming, there are so many approaches wherein it may be performed, you may study from someone, through a internet site, the use of an app to research or watch video tutorials on YouTube.

These are accurate ways to analyze, but if you’d prefer getting to know a way to program immediately from your android device, distinct apps train a way to discover ways to programme and as we all recognise that having the right teacher or educational factor is vital to speedy programming expertise and becoming right at it.

So in this article, i’ll be listing out the high-quality programming language's apps for android users, in case you need to discover ways to software for your android device, then keep analyzing to get right of entry to them beneath.

Best programming language apps

1. Sololearn programming language App

Sololearn is one of the high-quality apps to kickstart your programming adventure, this app gives specific coding tutorials at no cost, from the basics to the center elements.

In case you’ll like to go from an newbie programmer to a professional programmer, then try using this sololearn app for the coding languages you need to study.

Other than mastering to programming with sololearn, it additionally has an internet network in which you may ask questions from people who have gone past in which your adventure commenced.

You may take online responsibilities with sololearn. it gives a variety of unfastened tutorials to analyze from, this app is one of the pleasant programming apps for android devices and it run fast on all Android phone version.

2. Programming hub app

This programming hub app, is one of the nice coding apps i’ve ever stumble upon and because of its extraordinary publications, i was capable of get insights on a number of the programming languages i admire, with programming hub i used to be capable of understand a touch about personal home page and html.

If you use this app on a daily basis, you’ll no longer recognize how some distance you’ve long past until you see how precise you’re and thank you it programming hub, you’d have found out so much inside a brief period of time.

Programming hub is one of the big vendors of coding tutorials, you can study from the free publications it gives and also pay for a few publications if you need to strengthen to your journey of mastering programming.

This app is one of the nice and great programming apps on android and my favourite as properly.

3.Programming hero app

Programming hero app is one of the new and cool coding apps on google play store, with over thousands of high quality ratings and 5star critiques, that by myself has spoken on behalf of this app and in case you strive checking this app out, you’ll realise it has all you want to be a programmer, it will enlighten you on what programming is, how it works, and how to get started.

Programming hero app lets in the studying of programming in the maximum handy way, you could additionally play programmed games in this app, you may learn loads by way of checking their community where you may ask questions and get to realize peoples who have extra revel in than you.

Programming hero app is one of the best programming apps for android users.

4. Dcoder programming language app

The Dcoder app is one of those apps you may use to study complex programming to your android device, it's far very easy to recognize how this app works specially whilst you are taking your time to study the languages it gives.

Also, it has a few cool features that make a superb programming app to examine from. dcoder app will help you research methods to code and research extraordinary algorithms.

There are one of a kind languages you can analyze with dcoder, and it additionally has a completely unique text editor you may use whilst coding, this dcoder app is one of the first-class programming apps for android devices, you could use this app to learn your favored programming language.

5. Grasshopper programming language app

If you’re new to programming and you need a very good/great app to study the basics of your favored programming language, properly i suppose you need to stay up for getting grasshopper mounted on your android device.

In case you want to examine more about programming, then spend more time on this app and also declare achievements as you study.

Grasshopper is one of the exceptional programming apps on android, it is unfastened and has no fixed charge.

You can spend as much time as you need to research new things every day, exercise makes best, so the extra you examine, the extra expertise you benefit.

6. Leetcode python

Python language in programming, isn't always the very best to examine, and a single line packed with a mistake can sabotage the complete line of codes you’ve written to date, however with leetcode python you’ll be able to have a look at greater approximately python language and also avoid making one or mistakes when writing codes.

leetcode python has solution maximum troubles you’d stumble upon on python, this app is simply first-rate to apply.

Whether you’re a novice or expert to python language otherwise you’ve been reading it for pretty a while, you can constantly use leetcode python app to help you out by using checking some of the recognised problems in python and get a quick answer on a way to restoration them.

Leetcode python is one of the first-class programming apps on android.


There are a lot of programming language apps obtainable and these types of apps will give you the satisfactory guides and answers to what you need for your adventure to become a professional programmer.

The apps i’ve indexed in this article aren't the simplest ones but in the mean time they’re the high-quality programming apps on android devices.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please let me know know in the comment section below. Thanks.
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Things to do when buying a new smartphone.

Hey guys, good day. Today we are going to talk about things you need to do, After buying a new smartphone.

When you get a new smartphone, there are some things you must do to urge it up to hurry. This is often a Full-on, Pro-level tutorial to what you want to do with a replacement smartphone.

You will want to transfer all your old phone apps and data to the new one you bought, But you ought to also confirm it’s worth keeping and make it as secure as possible.

We all expect things to be good right out of the box, but when was the last time we checked? when it's still under warranty and you still have time to require it back.

What will I check after buy a new phone?

  • Firstly Look at all the seams where the glass meets the case.

  • Check all the ports to know if they are fitting properly.

  • Now take out the SIM card tray and microSD card tray if it's one.

  • Now check Out Everything For Cracks.

    All the plugs should fit properly in their ports. On Android phones, there should be no flexibility . If the phone cord plug don't stay in the port of the phone you bought, that's means something’s wrong. If it’s not up to your standards, take it back immediately.

    Charge It For Five Hours

    When the smartphone passes your visual inspection, just start charging it. turned it off and let it charge for five hours.

    There are couples of theorie on the simplest thanks to charge a new phone, except for primary times, you willl want to form sure it's a full charge before starting the phone found out . it won’t die halfway through installing an app, transferring data.

    Essential New Phone Set-Up

    Each smartphone has its own setup procedure, including security, so undergo that one. If there are OS updates for the phone, apply those too.

    The OS updates provide better security and functionality, so it’s a great idea to always apply it.

    Some andriod phones will initiate the transfer of knowledge from your old phone to the new phone. it's going to be an honest idea to place it off. We still don’t 100% know that the phone is great.

    Cellular Connection

    This is also an important steps, If your new phone don't make a connection to the cell network, then the remainder doesn’t matter.

    Fortunately, You can check this by occupation and out of places that your old phone would drop calls. If it drops calls before the old phone, it'd not be so cool.

    Screen Function

    Does the whole screen register touches properly?

    Is the screen touch calibrated in order that once we tap in one spot, that’s exactly where the faucet registers?

    If not, quickly return the phone to complain.

    Port Function

    Take out the phone headphones and plug it in and check out them. Does it work? Is there any static or crackling?

    Also take out charging cable and head. Does the phone immediately start to charge when you plug it?

    Camera Test

    Snap some pictures with all the cameras on the new phone and altogether the modes possible, whatever modes it's do the photographs begin as they should do?

    Check Wireless Connections

    Make sure the phone hook up with WiFi and Bluetooth devices. It should stay connected to WiFi anywhere in your home that your other devices can connect from.

    Check GPS

    Set the new phone to seek out your location using the phone GPS signal. Then check on the phone’s map to ascertain if it accurately locates where you're.

    Check Phone’s Sensors

    Alll smartphones have several sensors built-in. These may include a proximity, gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer and lightweight sensors.

    The magnetometer ties in closely with the GPS. consider it as a compass. So open the phone’s compass app and see if it finds north and changes directions.

    Some phones have barometers built-in. The barometer detects air pressure . It are often wont to determine how far above water level we are or if there are incoming weather changes.

    Not all phones have these If yours does, there'll be an app which will access it and show you if it’s working.

    Most phones now have a fingerprint reader, used for extra security. found out the safety to need a fingerprint and test it.

    If you can’t get into your phone easily using the fingerprint sensor, it's going to be faulty.

    Phone Security

    Smartphone is an electronic extension of our lives, we'd like to stay the smartphone secure and safe.

    The very fact that we have everything from our family photos to government ID to bank and credit cards stored on our smartphones, makes them a prized secure target for thieves.

    So secure your smatphone. Choose the best security thereon that you simply can. for many smrtphones, meaning fixing the fingerprint lock. It’s high security and high convenience so why not do it?

    Also set up the power to remotely wipe your smartphone. If your phone is lost or stolen, you'll remotely wipe it from any computer, before they go and wipe it you will quickly track it.

    Encrypt Your Phone

    By encrypting all the information on your smartphone, and someone steals your new phone and copies all the information from it somehow, the information will still be useless to them.

    It’s possible they might decrypt it with enough time and resources, but it’s far easier for them to only steal another ten smartphones that are not encrypted.

    Criminals are generally opportunistic. Once something becomes difficult, it’s not worth their time.

    Secure the new phone physically. Get an honest case for it which will protect it from bumps and falls.

    It won’t be bombproof, but it'll help the phone last until it’s time for subsequent upgrade then you buy new.


    The phone is fully tested now and guarded , you recognize it'll work well for you for an extended time. Of course, doing this stuff is not as fun as just firing up the smartphone and playing games or posting pictures on social media, but it makes sure you'll do this whenever you would like down the road.

    That's all. If you have any questions please feel free to drop your comment through our comment section below. Thanks.
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    Make Android phone charge faster

    Good day guys, today tutorial will base on how to make your Android phone charge faster. In this article, am going to share some useful tips with you. This tips can make your Android device charge faster. No matter how.

    These are great tips that can surely make your Android phone charge faster, and last longer.

    1. Don't let your phone dies before you charge it.

    Many of Android users, are waits till their phones completely dead before they charge it. Some engineers say that, people should wait till there phones completely dead before they charg, which is completely wrong.

    When your smartphone's battery dies, these will automatically reduces your battery capacity, and if you are doing these continuously, it would reduce your smartphone's battery life.

    2. Don't charge phone till it's 100%.

    This make me look like a control freak (Lolz). but it's absolutely truth. By charging your phone to 100%, can also reduces your smartphone's efficiency.

    Although we all have smartphones with smart and good charging, that is phone that stops charging automatically when full, but we can't deny the fact that at least little current isn't entering the phone.

    Some do charge overnight, it's actually both wrong and very dangerous for your phone. because when phones get very hot due to over charging, it might explode It's adviced to charge your phone to 90%-95%. To Avoid all these.

    3. Don't press charge your phone

    This is very common nowadays. Most people use their phones while charging it. This is very wrong and risk in many ways;
    • It can explode.
    • This will make the charging slow
    • These will stresses the phone battery.
    • These can causes phone overheating
    • Etc

    In short, these is very wrong. Please stop it if you want to enjoy your phone battery.

    4. Using fake chargers.

    Some people are buying a fake chargers because they are very cheaper. Get an original charger for your phone, quality always matters.

    Fake chargers can spoils your phone's battery, and most of this charges always overheat and stops working suddenly, then you would have to go buy another one.

    So instead of buying fake chargers every times, try to buy an original your phone charger that is better still, to avoid spoil the follow come chargers.

    5. Clean your phone charger mouth

    Some people are putting their charger in unclean place, from there some small papers, sounds and co will hang in the mouth. This can also make the phone slow while charging.

    6. Using small generator to charge

    Yes, using small electricity generator to charge your phone can effect your battery life and charge slowly.

    Do you have any questions? Let me know what you think in the comments below if this tips helpful.
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    Friday, March 6, 2020

    Codes to know who's tracking you through your phone

    As we all know that Android device is the most use devices. Nowadays 95% of people are using it. Due to the fact that, it have many features and service.

    Android device can do more than what you think it can do, some hackers are now putting all their hard works now by hacking peoples mobile device because it has 40 per cent of peoples information.

    So in today’s tech tutorial, am going to give you some Android phone codes to check if someone is spying on your Android phone.

    These spyers developed apps with viruses, then publish them on app stores to still andriod phone user data and also control the device illegally. So let look at these Useful codes which you can use to Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Android device.

    1. *#21# (Android Code)

    By using this code, you will find out whether your messages, calls, and other data are being diverted to another device or system. You can quickly find all the details about call forwarding.

    Also you can can find out where your data, voice,SMS and all call forwarding enabled or disabled.

    2. *#06# (Andriod code)

    This code is used to display the 15digit IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) numbers. This code is very useful to find the IMEI number of your phone both Android phone and button phones.

    Make sure you write the IMEI number in a safe place. With the help of IMEI number, you can find your phone if someone steals it Using the IMEI number.

    3. ##002# (Android phone)

    These codes is a universal code, which use to deactivate all call forwarding. This code will automatically switch off all the redirections from your device.

    If you notice that your call is being redirected many times, then this code is for you. you can dial this code to stop the call redirecting. It's a great idea to use this code before you have to use roaming so that the money won’t be taken from your account at all.

    4: *#62# (Android code)

    Some one might tells you, that your number is saying no-service when calling you or no-answer, then you need this code, just dial this code on your phone to find out where your calls, messages, and data are being redirected to.

    There are possibilities that, your calls has being redirected to one of your smartphone operator’s numbers.

    5: *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#197328640#*#*

    This is a special code, that will allows you to track your location and also determine whether someone is following you up and down or not.

    How to use this code

    Type this code in your phone dial pad and select the section called "UMTS Cell Environment" , then choose "UMTS RR info". Now note down all the numbers under the Cell ID you see for future purpose.

    So Now move to the main menu then click on "MM info" and "Serving PLMN" . Now copy down the numbers. That's all.

    I hope you get me right? Kindly drop your comment through the comment section below. Your comment is valuable.

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    Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    Generate electricity using Copper wire and plug

     Hello guys, today am going to teach you guys how you can generate electricity using Copper wire and plug only.

    You think how possible is this? Yes you can generate electricity using Copper wire and plug, don't be confuse am going to write an understandable tutorial for you so that you can also practice it and get it works.

     The world is advancing and many peoples are use of unfastened power everywhere in the world. there are such a lot of methods to generate loose electricity from many things but only some people recognise approximately it.

     Today am going to share with you. the way you can generate unfastened energy that may be able to strength 220V home equipment in your home.

    Materials Required To Generate The Electricity


  • Soft board made with wood
  • Copper wire 
  • Lamp holder 
  • Two motor plugs 
  • And A Big magnet

  • How to build the free energy using this requirement


    1. Soft board made with wood.

    This soft board that made with wood will be the servers to house for the free energy.

    So Place the board on the flat surface, then use supper glue to hold the plugs on the board.

     Note that, the plugs must be pointed to the same directions.

    2. Copper Wire

    Now Coil the copper wire besides you, around an object to make the Copper Wire look like this shape. You See the image below.

    3. Two plugs

    After you coiled the copper wire, use soldering iron to attach it to the plug below. If you don't have soldering iron, go to GSM hardware engineers to borrow the iron.

    You can also buy. Just make sure you sold the copper wire to the two plugs like this image below.

    4. Lamp Holder

    Now Connect the other terminal of the two plugs to the lamp holder, and put a glob like I do mine in this image below.

     After you follow this steps and do everything, your practical will look like this image below.

    6. A big magnet

    Now the final steps. This final steps is the most important part of the tutorial. All the works has done now but, This can't work without the magnet.

     So Look for a big round (Circle) magnet, you can find this at radionics shop, request for it they will give you. You can also buy it from they if they don't have you free. Because when am doing mine, I buy they don't give me free.

     After got the magnet, place it on the metal surface of the two plugs. Because magnet must touch the two plugs at the same time.

    As the magnet is magneted on the metal surface, you have done!

    You are now get your free electricity. If you want to generate higher energy, you just need to get bigger plugs and bigger magnet that's all.

      Note: this trick can also enable you to charge your phone and other appliances with 220V and This energy can run for good two years without stop. It can only stop when the plug dies. Just get a new plugs and replace it with them.

    Importance of this trick

    1. It can works for good two years.
    2. It makes no noise if connected.
    3. No smokes or effect.
    4. It's 100% free, cheap and efficient.
    5. It's easy to construct.
    6. Everyone can build it.

     I hope this article is helpful and you get your own energy works? If you don't understand yet, kindly drop your comment through the comment section below. And am going to explain more better.

     It's your time to share this important technology article to your families and friends.

    If you have any questions regarding this article, please do ask on the comment section like I said earlier. Thanks.
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