Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Getting your article Approve on Opera News Hub

To publish article on the Opera News Hub and get approved quickly, you have to keep something things in mind before you write an article for Opera News Hub.


What I mean by Originality, is original content. You have to write your own ideas on what you want to publish. If you copy and paste contents and paste it on Opera News, you can't get approved of the the contents. So make sure you write your own articles.


You have to be a professional Writers, so that you won't make a mistakes while writing your articles. If Opera news hub creator bot fond error grammars or mistakes. They are going to reject the article. 

Good quality graphics

To publish contents on Opera news hub, you need to be writing more than 150 words if you are on news niche, if you are writing on analysis feature or opinion articles, you are going to write about 500 words for analysis feature and opinion articles.

Article That Can Be Rejected On Opera News Hub

Not all article can be publish on Opera news. There are some contents that can be rejected on Opera News Hub. Which am going to list them for you to avoid your article to reject on Opera news hub. 

Articles with violence words

1. Articles that violate editorial and writing pleasant practices.

2. Articles that undermine countrywide team spirit.

3. Articles that undermine and/or misrepresent the united states of america’s political and felony systems.

4. Articles that reveal the kingdom’s touchy facts; along with defense, science and generation, trade and others.

5. Articles that undermine the state’s country wide hobbies

6. Articles that incite ethnic hatred or discrimination, undermine social cohesion, or infringe on society’s customs and traditions.

7. Articles that violence and terrorism. 8. Articles that can incite or inspire sports that violate preferred law and order.

Articles with Pornographic.

1. Articles that contain comic sexual imagery, or detailed descriptions of sexual activities will be rejected on Opera News Hub..

 2. Articles that contain comic imagery that depict nudity be rejected on Opera news hub.

4. Articles contain  prostitution, rape or link to pornographic websites will be reject on Opera news hub.

 4. Articles that contains sexual acts with child molestation and indecent exposure of minors.

Articles with frightening pictures.

1. Articles that contain horror photos or frightening ghosts can be rejected on Opera News Hub.

2. Articles that contain photos that is showing the eating of living organisms can be rejected on Opera News Hub.

3. Articles that can make readers shock while reading, such as excreta. This kind of articles can be rejected on Opera News Hub.

 4. Articles that show abnormal human being or scared animals images can be rejected on Opera news Hub.

Poor Article Headlines.

1. All headlines that are Writing in capital letters will be rejected on Opera news hub.


2. If you don't capitalize the first letter of each word in the title, your article might be rejected.

  E.g: How To Get Your Article Approve On Opera News Hub.

 3. Articles title has spelling errors can be rejected on Opera News Hub.

  E.g: How to get ur artikul Approfe on Opira News Hub

4. Articles title that has obvious grammatical errors can be rejected on Opera news Hub.

.E.g: how to get you article Approve in Opera News Hub The “you” should be “your”, and the first letter should start with upper case letters(How).

 5. Articles title that is confusing, which very hard to understand can be rejected on Opera news Hub.

  E.g: How to find you article Approval In The Opera News Hub

6. Articles title that contains symbols, like ^ & and others can be rejected on Opera News Hub.

  E.g: How to get your article Approve On Opera News & WhatsApp Group 

Article With Fake news.

1. If your content is based on fabrication or rumours that are not verifiable, your article might be rejected on Opera news. 2. Your articles can be rejected if it not cite a reputable, linkable source for the majority of the information in the articles you wrote. 

Article that contain advertisement.

1. Articles that contain purchasing information or advertising of a product will be rejected on Opera news hub.

 2. Articles that contain a mobile phone number or shopping website link for readers to buy products or any services. The kind of articles will be rejected. 

Low quality cover image.

1. Cover images that cause violent, or scary can be rejected on Opera news Hub.

 2. Cover images that are difficult for readers to determine the content of the image can be rejected.

 3. Pornographic cover image or other illegal content can be rejected on Opera news Hub.

 4. Cover images that contain illegal promotion or marketing information will be rejected. That's all.

 If you don't do all this things, and your article are rejected on Opera News hub kindly drop your comment through the comment section below. And I promise to help you solve it. Thanks for reading.
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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Save social media video using Xender

Social media is one of the most powerful platform for meeting people around the globe. Which refers to the means of interactions amongst people in which they meet, create, share video, exchanges information and ideas. 

The most used platform are: Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and youtube. Have you ever wondering how to save videos from these social media? today am going to teach you how I used to download any social media videos using Xender app.

You might see an interesting video on social media and wish to download it and watch it again and again. rather than begging poster of the video to send you the video, simply use Xender app in your smartphone and do it yourself.

Note: Not all android mobile phones supports this method, but 75% support. From Android version 6.0 upwards. 

So, let's observe this technique. possibly it works in your smartphone.

1. Open Xender app on your Smartphone. 

2. Now click on " social" at the down proper side of the screen. 

3. Tap on "Open Facebook" you will be redirect to Facebook app.

4. Log in, if you have not login on the Facebook app.

5. Now copy the Facebook video link you wish to download to your Smartphone.

6. Then open Xender and click "paste" and also "download " icon.

You are done for Facebook. You are going to see the Download progress on your phone notifications. 

The Facebook video will mechanically download into your phone storage.

Comply with the equal technique if you want to download from Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and WhatsApp.

In case you want to be downloading any whatsapp fame uploaded by means of your buddies, no want begging them to ship you snap shots or video or having a saparate downloader when you have already got Xender to your phone.

Pick out the fame and connect your whatsapp with Xender so that every time you open the app it will be equipped to be used.

And under is what it looks as if whilst linked. simply click on the download icon and it starts downloading.
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Friday, February 28, 2020

Publish Content On Blogspot Blog With Opera Mini

Today am going to teach you how to publish a post on blogspot blog with Opera Mini browsers, both Android and Symbian/Java Phone that has Opera mini browser.

 There are many bloggers, that really want this tutorial, due to the fact that a few bloggers don't have android smartphone and they wish to blog.

Or you have created your blog before your phone spoiled and  you want updating your blog regular? 

Don't worry, todays am going to teach you how i used to submit a content to my blogspot blog  using nokia java phone when am now not with my Android phone.

Yes am publishing contents on my blogspot blog using Opera mini browser on Nokia 200, And it works fine. Some mouth ago, I lost my Android phone and I don't have PC also, that is why am using this trick to update my blog regularly.

We all know that platform doesn't currently support publishing contents or get access to blogspot blog dashboard. from Opera mini browsers using 

You'll notice that whenever you try to visit on Java phones it keeps giving error. If you have not got a solution to this, you don't have to be stressing yourself again. Today am going to teach you how to publish contents on Opera Mini browser in this article.

Simple Way To Publish Articles On Blogspot Blog Using Opea Mini

Visit And started writing your article and get your contents published Successfully without any error.
Note: Your contents might not publish well like you want, because you can't add image to your blog post using this trick. But don't worry am going to teach you how to add image to your blog post using this trick.

Using, you are not allow uploading images or inserting Links directly on your blog post. These are the two aspects am going to teach you also in this article I know you are facing challenges while trying to add images or links, when using What you are going to do now is to follow the Simple procedures am going to teach you;

1. Login to your Gmail account

Visit and login your Google account. Then if successful, open new page.

2. Login to

Open and login to and start writing your blog contents.

3. Insert Link to your Blog Post

Insert a link to your blog post using this code below. <a href="">Guidesng

Note: That, you have to remove * and change the link I used to link you would like to link to. It might be a link to a post in your blog, And the anchor text I used " Media'' and Change it to yours.

4. Inserting Images to your Blog Post

Note: You can't add image to your blog post using your mobile uploader, it can't upload. If you are using this trick.

To add image to your blog post Using this trick.

  • Upload your image on filehosts or any Free uploader online
  • Now copy the image from the uploader site. For example, image link >> http://media.jpg
  • Now use this HTML image tag to display the image <img src=" http://media.jpg">

  • Now replace "media.jpg" in the above code with your picture link.  (The hyperlink of the image you copied from uploader web site) and you are done. 

    5. Publish the contents on your blog

    After follow all the steps you read in this article, Now Click "publish post" that's all. I hope you are all understand this tutorial well? If you Don't, please feel free to drop your comment, and am going to teach you better. Having difficulties with any of the above steps? Let me know.
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    Thursday, February 20, 2020

    Improve Wapkiz site on Google search engine

    Hey good day guys, today am going to write an article on how to improve Wapkiz site on Google search engine easily. You think how position this is? 100% sure. If you follow all steps am going to teach you in this article, you are going to see how your Wapkiz site will be doing well on Google search engine and other seach engines.

    With the help of this article, your Wapkiz site post will rank on the front Google search page trust me. Let move on.

    1. Setup Wapkiz Meta Header

    By setup your Wapkiz Meta header for Google search engine, your Wapkiz site will doing well on Google search engine and other seach engines in the world.

    How to set up Wapkiz Meta header

    • "Login" or "Register" to
    • Click on Panel from your Wapkiz "Site's List" at home page.
    • Select Meta Header in the list
    • Then paste this Wapkiz Meta header codes one by one there






    Note: Make sure you Copy And Paste this Wapkiz Meta header codes well and change all our description, keywords and names to your Wapkiz site.

    2. Submit your Wapkiz site to Google console

    By submitted your Wapkiz site on Google console, Google will be visiting your Wapkiz site every day to index them on search engine. In this article, am going to teach you how to submit Wapkiz site to Google console

    What is Google Console?

    Google Search Console platform is a free developed by Google. To helps us monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot our site's presence in Google search engine and other seach engines.

    How to submit Wapkiz site to Google console

    • First "Login" or "Register" to your site.
    • Now Click on Panel from drop down menu at home page.
    • Now Click "Submit To Google"
    • The link will take you to Google Search Console site
    • Now type your Wapkiz site name there
    • Then select "HTML tag" in google console page.
    • Quickly Copy the meta tag below, and paste it into your wapkiz site's
      home page or Header page.

    Note: this should be Paste between section, before the
    first section. And Dontl't close the google console page.

    • Now go back to your Wapkiz site and click "Panel"
    • Then Click "Meta Header" from Panel page.
    • Copy and Past the meta tag code from Goole console in your Wapkiz "Meta Header" Page and save it.
    • After paste it there, go back Google Verification Page and Click

    That's all, I hope this article helpful?? Kindly drop your comment through comment section below. Thanks
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    Tuesday, February 18, 2020

    Opay Owealth: The Definitive Guide

    Today am going to teach you guys what required to invest on Owealth and earn big every 12 month.

    Table Contents

    • What's Owealth
    • Owealth Savings Legit Or Scam
    • How to invest On Owealth
    • How To Deposit money on Owealth Savings Step by step
    • How can I see my Investment on Owealth Account
    • Conclusion

    What’s OWealth?

    OWealth is an investment platform for Nigerians and some countries. Owned by Opera Software company. Partners with Opay. On Owealth, if you start investing as low as 500 Naira. You are going to earn 10% per 12, month which is one year.

    Owealth Savings Legit Or Scam

    Owealth is 100% legit platform in Nigeria for business man, civil savants and students. Kindly try Owealth saving by Begin with just N500 which is the least amount on Owealth investment, that doesn’t means you can’t add more money to your Owealth investment platform.

    Why I said that, is that, you might think Owealth investment is a Scam. Try them with just N500. By invest N500 on Owealth that means 10% begins to count the day you invest the money on your OWealth investment account.

    Fortunately, your 10% of your investment will be credited into your Opay account daily as counting, this make it possible for you to transfer your money into your OPay account and cash out any time, you wish to cash it.

    How to invest On Owealth

    To start investing on OWealth Savings, you I have to first download verify OPay App from Google PlayStore or iOS.

    Note: Opay App is available on playstore or iOS, avoid download Opay App that can affect your phone or system.

    Then, Set up your Opay Account and deposit the money you want to invest on Owealth investment platform.

    Once your money successful deposited, now begin to invest on Owealth investment platform.

    How To Deposit money on Owealth Savings Step by step

    1. Login in to your OPay account, with your Opay Account number and password. Your Account Number is your mobile number. Note that.

    2. Now Fund your OPay Account wallet, by tap on "Account" once you see your balance get back to home page.

    3. You are going to see OWealth Icon, click it and check the radio box to agree to the opay terms and conditions after you read it.

    4. Now Tap on invest. If you have deposited to your Opay Account wallet, your OPay balance will be displayed instantly.

    5. So enter the amount you wished to invest Owealth saving account, once you tap on "invest", instantly Your interest will be calculated in real-time as you enter the amount you wished to invest.

    E.g You are going get 246.57 Naira per day, 1,730.76 Naira Per week, 7500 Naira per month while 90000 Naira per year if you started with amount of 1, 000, 000 Naira.

    You see that this a great opportunity for business man/woman and students.

    6. Now click NEXT and CONFIRM the payment. Once your Owealth saving account created, you are going to receive a debit alert then click done.

    How can I see my Investment on Owealth Account

    Every day every time, you are going to be seeing your investment as it continues to grow per day. To see your investment, on Owealth saving platform. You just need to click on the "eyes" icon at the top left corner of home page to display your investment balance. That’s all.


    This article has teach you how to invest in OWealth Savings and earn interest daily, this depending on how long you want to grow it how much you want to invest. Like I said earlier, this platform is the best investment

    If you have any question to ask me regarding this article, don’t hesitate to drop your comment through comment section.
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