Sunday, February 16, 2020

Qservsers Affiliate Program: The Definitive Guide

Qservsers is top web hosting company in Nigeria. With over 12 years experience in offer best web hosting and domain name.

Qservsers has introduce Their affiliate program. Which will be paying you 20% commission for customer you refer to purchase Qservsers products.

Join QServers Web Hosting Affilate Program. And started Place their Products/Services links or banners on your website/blog.

After signup, and you start Earn money for each customer you recommend to Qservsers products to purchases.

In addition, you are going to get N500 just for signing up to Qservsers affiliate program

Qservsers commissions are paid out by bank transfer only. As all know that no technical knowledge needed, for this method anyone can be Qservsers affiliate marketers.

How Qservsers Affiliate Program Work?

When you join Qservsers affiliate program, you will be supplied
with a range of special Qservsers products banners or Direct links.

So When a client clicks on one of Qservsers banners or links on your blog and they link to Qservsers website and your activity will be tracked by Qservsers affiliate software. Instantly.

Once the client pay for any product/service on Qservsers, you will be credited 20% of the paid amount.

You are going to earn a one time commission based on your commission type.

Ways To Recommend QServers Products

To promote Qservsers products you have to create a blog and place Qservsers ad banners or ad texts on your website/blog.

All the Qservsers Ads are located in your client area it very easy to get.
So by adding your unique ads to Email, Social media or sms. You are going earn 20% commission.

Kindly signup on Qservsers affiliate program and start Recommend QServers hosting services to your friends and family.

How to contact Qservsers Teams

You might have more information bor questions you want to ask Qservsers Teams, kindly get in touch with their affiliate department by e-mailing this email:
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Working Wapkiz Shoutbox codes for Wapkiz for Forum sites 2020 code

Hey guys. Are you looking for Wapkiz Shoutbox codes?? For you one of Wapkiz Forum site on platform??

No more stresse, here is Working Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes. For Wapkiz Forum site. And the Wapkiz Shoutbox codes That am going to drop for you in this article, is 80% Kizhelp and WapKings Forum style. Which works perfectly.

What you need right now is to follow all my steps am going to teach you in this article. to make the Wapkiz Shoutbox codes work perfectly.

1. Login to platform Account then Select your Wapkiz Forum site. to paste the Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes.

2. Now click "panel" and select "Page" new page will open with input box now type "Shout" there.

3. Now look at the page you named "Shout" in your Wapkiz pagelist.

4. Now click "Html/tag code" and paste this Wapkiz Shoutbox code to get.


4. Now close the page and open header page, or where you want place your Wapkiz Shoutbox code.

5. Now Click Panel and select "Html/tag code" then paste these Wapkiz Shoutbox codes.

Shout Box


Congratulation! You have successfully create Wapkiz Shoutbox on your Wapkiz forum site I hope this Wapkiz Shoutbox codes works for you perfectly??

Make sure you remove all * in the code and Please drop your comment if this Wapkiz Shoutbox codes not work for. Or you need any other Wapkiz codes kindly drop your comment and am going to get back to your request
shortly. Thanks
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Wapkiz Codes: Wapkiz User List Code

Hey, dear Wapkiz users.Here is the code you have been looking for .Wapkiz User list code.

In this tutorial am going to give you the latest Wapkiz User list code. Same to Wapkings Forum User list.

User List - Wapkings Forum


How to paste Wapkiz User list code

Am going to teach you how to paste this codes on your Wapkiz site and work perfectly. You just need to follow this steps if you new to Wapkiz platform

1. Login to your Wapkiz site, where you want to add the user list.

2. Click "panel" and tap on on page >> Pagelist now select the page you want to Paste the Wapkiz user list code to.

3. Now click "Html/tag code" And copy and paste this Wapkiz user list code there.

4. Now click view to confirm your code.

That's all, I have this Wapkiz user list work perfectly for you?? You might have something to say about this article, kindly drop your comment on comment section below.
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Saturday, February 15, 2020 2020 Reviews

Today am going to write a Reviews about, legit Or Scam. Also in this article, am going to teach you how to earn money with Qservsers by join their affiliate program. Like I used to do.

Table Contents

  • About
  • Qservsers Legit Or Scam?
  • Qservsers Services
  • Why Choose Qservsers
  • Qservsers Affiliate Program
  • Conclusion

About Qservers

Qservers.Net is a top web hosting company in Nigeria, with over 12 years experience offering web hosting and domain names.
Their aims, is to provide all their clients with a superior managed hosting environment. through customer service, the latest technological, Advances in server hardware. And innovative network design.

Qservers Location

    As you all know me, that I won't write a review about any Nigeria or other countries company, without talk about location. So you have nothing to worry, because, Qservsers has so many branches here in Nigeria,  as we all know that, the Nigeria web hosting can be found anywhere in Nigeria. You can also find them using Google Map

Qservers Legit Or Scam, Review

    Like I said earlier, Qservsers is among the top web hosting and domain name provider company in Nigeria, with over 12 years experience offering web hosting and domain name in Nigeria. Qservsers is 100% legit. Qservers has about six hosting package plan starting from N350/month to N1500/month and each plans, has their own features, which we are going discuss in this article.

Qservsers Hosting Plans

  • Starter Hosting Plans
  • Business Hosting Plans
  • Developer Hosting Plans
  • Pro Web Hosting Plans
  • Mega Web Hosting Plans
    1. Starter Plan
    This web hosting plan, goes for N350 Monthly with a free domain name. To host your website with Qservers for a year on this starter Plan, will cost you only N3,500 / year.

    2. Business Plan
    This hosting Plans is for business websites, this plan is with 10gb web storage that goes for N6,500 per year.

    3. Developer Plan
    This plan is absolutely good for anybody out there who wishes to use Host, Qservsers developer plan is N900/Monthly and N9,000/yearly.

    3. Pro Web hosting Plan
    This Qservers Pro Web hosting plan, will cost you only N1200/Monthly. This is awesome package plan on the web hosting company which serves a full host for a website, it goes for N12,000/yearly

    5. Mega Web hosting Plan
    The Mega Web Hosting Plan, goes for N1700/Monthly and N17,000/yearly.

Qservers Products And Services

Qservers offers so many services, like domain name, Web hosting, SSL certificates, Etc

Why Choose Qservsers Hosting Company?

  • Because of Instant Setup
  • Because of99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • And Their Full User Support

Qservsers Instant Setup: For Host and others services. when you pay online with your ATM card (Available 24/7/365), instantly, you will get your hosting package details directly to your email.

Qservers 99.99% Uptime Guarantee: If i say 99.99%, i mean 99.99%!. Years of experience with huge financial investments makes the guarantee possible.

Qservsers Full User Support on Services: Qservsers is "Best Rated Customer support" team thay are always available to assist you , 24/7 with any issues you might have.

Qservsers Affiliate Program

What are you waiting for, join Qservsers affiliate program and generate revenue from the traffic to your blog.

Qservsers affiliate program is FREE to participate, very easy to sign-up.
Qservsers has made it easy for you to monetize the traffic you got to your blog and get paid. What you need, is to just recommending Qservsers to your friends.

Now start promoting QServers services on your blog. And get more than the domain name Money you bought.

Qservsers has provide all tools that necessary for you to convert your
existing traffic into sales and earn big monthly.

All what you need to do right now is to Sign Up for Qservsers affiliate account, and start placing a link or banner of Qservsers products on your blog,

In addition, every sign up on Qservsers affiliate program they receive, then you earn money. Hope this simple?

Join today and Earn up to 20% one time commission per refer! And you can withdraw on your wallet, once you have a minimum balance of N3000.00.


What i will like say for the ends of this article, is that Qservsers Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for you as a blogger that get more traffics daily. The more clients purchase service on Qservsers through your refer link, is the more you earn.

I hope this article is helpful? If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to ask through comment box below. And we promised to get to you shortly. Thanks

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Jumia One App 2020 Reviews Legit Or Scam

This article will based on Jumia One Application reviews. And how you can make money using Jumia One App.

Table Contents

  • What is Jumia One App?
  • Why Should I Join Jumia One
  • How secure are Jumia One transaction is
  • How can I Sign-up for Jumia One
  • How can I pay for Products or Services on Jumia one
  • How can I contact Jumia one by myself?
  • Conclusion

What is Jumia One App?

Jumia One App is number one "All-In-One" mobile-app in whole Africa, that makes it easy for people to recharge phones, pay for bills, online shopping, Order food, book a hotel, even get
a house or a car using this Jumia One App.

The aim of Jumia at building the app for Africa is that, they want people to fulfill their daily needs/payments online easily.

Which means, their mission is to bring every online service in one place and to make them easier and more secure to everyone.

Why should i join Jumia One?

Great question, am going to tell you why I recommend Jumia One for students, to start business with them and make cool cash.

Below are the reasons why you should use Jumia One

1. Jumia One will give you access to a large number

Yes, Jumia One will give you access to a large number of Digital Services of this century. The digital Services am talking about are: Airtime, Pay bills, Online shopping, Buy house and car Etc.

2. You are going to Earn 5% Cash-back

You just need Jumia One App on your Android phone to do it all. And you are going to Earn on this Jumia One App. if you spend on this app, you are going to get 5% cash-back on Airtime You buy, Bills you paid in Nigeria. Etc.

How secure are Jumia One transaction is, to avoid hackers??

100% secure, Jumia One Transaction and Purchase have standard security in financial industry(PCI DSS compliant) to your mobile phone number.

And note that, All payments are secured by NIBSS, which developed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and national banks.

Please feel free to contact us or drop your comment, if you have further questions. On how secure Jumia one is

How can I Sign-up for Jumia One and start using the app

Am glad that you want to be one of Jumia One users, am going to teach you how you can sign up With Jumia One app easily.

Registering with Jumia One is the most simplest thing ever. So simple, If you already have a Jumia account, you just need to use your existing ID and password to log in. But if you are a new user, you are going to log in using your Facebook /Gmail account. That's all.

How can I pay for Products or Services on Jumia one app?

To pay for product you order for or products on Jumia one app is not stressful.

Jumia One will provide you convenient shopping experience thanks to its multiple payment
options. Which am going to list them for you. So that you are gonna choose your choice.

  • Bank Transfer

  • Paying via Bank Transfer is the best option to shop and pay online. No card is required it very secure 100%.

    How To Pay Using Bank Transfer On Jumia one

    • Order For the product and proceed to pay on b>Jumia One Application
    • Select "Bank Transfer" as a "Payment Method"
    • If first time user, add your 10 digit number bank account with the exact name linked to your bank account.
    • You are going to receive one-time password(OTP) from your bank to your phone number. Then Enter the OTP to validate for the first time.
    • Now Proceed to pay by entering another OTP to complete your purchase.
    That's all, for Bank transfers.
  • Card payment
  • If you want to pay with your debit card follow this guide Step and step. 
     1. Firat Go To Checkout Page: proceed to checkout and select debit payment option. 2. Enter the card details: e.g
    • Lard number
    • Expiry date
    • Security code

    3. Then enter the OTP you received by the bank 
     4. Verify & complete your order payment.

      How can I contact Jumia one by myself?

      If you have any issue or more information to ask their customer care, kindly contact Jumia customer Service. On: Email: Phone number: +234 127 723 66


      Using this app is a great opportunity for students, you can start a small business by join Jumia One program. You can Sell Airtime,Data and collect your charges apart from the 5% Cash back. Likewise you can help people pay for bills and subscribe TV. Like: StarTime, Gotv DStv, FreeTv and many more.

      I hope this article is very helpful for you?? Kindly drop your comment for any questions. If you don't understand some aspect in this article, I promise to look to your questions and get back to you shortly. Thanks for reading.

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