Sunday, February 16, 2020

Wapkiz Codes: Wapkiz User List Code

Hey, dear Wapkiz users.Here is the code you have been looking for .Wapkiz User list code.

In this tutorial am going to give you the latest Wapkiz User list code. Same to Wapkings Forum User list.

User List - Wapkings Forum


How to paste Wapkiz User list code

Am going to teach you how to paste this codes on your Wapkiz site and work perfectly. You just need to follow this steps if you new to Wapkiz platform

1. Login to your Wapkiz site, where you want to add the user list.

2. Click "panel" and tap on on page >> Pagelist now select the page you want to Paste the Wapkiz user list code to.

3. Now click "Html/tag code" And copy and paste this Wapkiz user list code there.

4. Now click view to confirm your code.

That's all, I have this Wapkiz user list work perfectly for you?? You might have something to say about this article, kindly drop your comment on comment section below.


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