Monday, June 8, 2020

Save social media video using Xender

Social media is one of the most powerful platform for meeting people around the globe. Which refers to the means of interactions amongst people in which they meet, create, share video, exchanges information and ideas. 

The most used platform are: Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and youtube. Have you ever wondering how to save videos from these social media? today am going to teach you how I used to download any social media videos using Xender app.

You might see an interesting video on social media and wish to download it and watch it again and again. rather than begging poster of the video to send you the video, simply use Xender app in your smartphone and do it yourself.

Note: Not all android mobile phones supports this method, but 75% support. From Android version 6.0 upwards. 

So, let's observe this technique. possibly it works in your smartphone.

1. Open Xender app on your Smartphone. 

2. Now click on " social" at the down proper side of the screen. 

3. Tap on "Open Facebook" you will be redirect to Facebook app.

4. Log in, if you have not login on the Facebook app.

5. Now copy the Facebook video link you wish to download to your Smartphone.

6. Then open Xender and click "paste" and also "download " icon.

You are done for Facebook. You are going to see the Download progress on your phone notifications. 

The Facebook video will mechanically download into your phone storage.

Comply with the equal technique if you want to download from Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and WhatsApp.

In case you want to be downloading any whatsapp fame uploaded by means of your buddies, no want begging them to ship you snap shots or video or having a saparate downloader when you have already got Xender to your phone.

Pick out the fame and connect your whatsapp with Xender so that every time you open the app it will be equipped to be used.

And under is what it looks as if whilst linked. simply click on the download icon and it starts downloading.
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Saturday, May 2, 2020

How to become Opay Agent in nigeria and get free POS

Opay is a payment platform evolved through opera software program. the platform allows users to shop and pay for products and services via their cell or web browser. Opay is currently to be had as an android software and allows speedy, clean, and comfy payments and cash transfers in nigeria today.

Becoming opay mobile money agent is one of the only approaches to make cash in nigeria. and the splendor of it all is that you can get surely get opay factor of purchase Opay POS system withing a quick a period of time. it doesn’t require big necessities trust me.

From my research, naija news point believes that opay was in particular designed to empower and raise young entrepreneurship and create wealth in nigeria’s mobile money inclusiveness.

What do you know about Opay?

Opay is one of the main online mobile transaction structures in nigeria nowadays. nigeria is the 3rd africa that using Opay, after kenya and south africa where Opay cellular pockets has commenced complete operation. but, the fee platform has grown beyond imagination within the united states of america.

The Opay wallet permits customers to save and pay for services and products through their mobile android phones app.

Opay app supports card bills with credit card, visa, and transfers from banking apps.

Responsibilities you can efficaciously carry out at the multi-reason Opay app encompass:

1. Capability to buy mobile facts

2. Capacity to pay for software(electricity) bill

4. Capacity to order oride anywhere in Nigeria.

5. Capacity to region your making a bet on popular bet platform.

6. Easy and convenient way to pay for a subscription like DStv, StarTimes, GOtv. Etc.

When you download Opay agents app, you get access to Opay wallet wherein your money is saved from there you can make fee for offerings or transfer money.

A reliable source informed naija information factor that, Opay makes numerous billions of naira each years because it started out operation.

What do you know about the Owner of Opay?

Opay is owned by Opera software who's also the mind at the back of opera mini, a browser. also the agency is the proprietor of opera news app.

Behind opay is opera software. opay nigeria has made a huge widespread effect inside the lives of small business owners.

How to become Opay agent in nigeria

Opay Agents Requirements

Opay will contact you, please put together the following files: before you apply.

1. Your bank verification number (BVN)

A software or other invoice dated no later than three months prior to registration as evidence of your cope with reproduction of your national identity card, motive force’s license or worldwide passport.

2. One passport photograph

Yes you must have a clear photograph of yours to be unable to create your Opay agents account. If you don't have one, quickly go and get one before you apply for Opay agents form.

Opay agents sign up page

In this article am going to tell you how to sign up for Opay agents in nigeria. So many people that are interested in becoming Opay agents always contact me on how they could reap the opay agent registration shape, the coolest information is that you don’t want any traditional shape to become opay agent and get unfastened Opay Agents POS in nigeria.

All the Opay agents registration is achieved online, which am going to expose you in this article.

Now comply with the grade by grade guides beneath to become Opay money agents in your community.

Steps to sign up for Opay agent

Step 1: Visit website directly to the reputable internet site of opay at

Step 2: Through the top proper-hand (right) facet, faucet at the “become agent” button.

Step 3: Join up at the page with the aid of filling the Opay agents form: your name, electronic mail deal with, smartphone number, your city and conform to the terms.

Step 4: Whilst you click the sign on you may see a message that opay will contact you.

Opay POS for agents

Get right of entry to unfastened Opay Agents POS depending at the quantity of transactions you’ve made at the Opay agents app.

Opay agents commission

By signed up for Opay agent and started working with them. These are your commission from Opay.

Airtime commission: 3% of the airtime is yours. Which means 8f you sell N1000 airtime, you get N30 as your commission.

Pay bills commission: 5% commission for each bills you do daily. For instance; you paid customer bill of of N1000, your commission is N50 per transaction.

Betting commission: You will also get 5% commission, if you help customer to deposit their betting wallet.

Opay POS commission: Opay POS commission depends on your mouthly transaction, the more you do the more commission you get. Also when using Opay POS machine, your are going to charge for #56. And #10 for transfer fee. Even first three transaction is free.

Opay bike hailing agency

Lest i forget, the organisation also has bike hailing agency, which means you can fill the opay oride registration form to get a name and get your a bike as a rider in case you don’t have your personal motorbike. you may begin to add money for your opay wallet.


Do you Any question? Kindly drop your comment through our comment section below for more explanation if you are yet to understood. Thanks

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Blogger Related Posts Widget: The Definitive Guide (2020)

Blogspot Related Post Widget:

Blogger is a notable platform for amateur bloggers. which you may effortlessly create blogspot site in just a minute.

Currently, one of the most asked questions in blogger is: how to add related posts widget on blogspot blog. This related posts widget will be very beneficial to reveal distinctive related posts on your readers and keep them analyzing your blog extra.

In this article, i will teach you how to show related posts on your blogspot blog. I've got advanced a related posts widget for blogger blogs this is very clean to install and setup. 

Before i teach you how to install this awesome related posts widget for blogger, allow me apprehend you some of it’s key functions.

The Functions Of Blogger Related Posts Widget

  • It's very easy to install on any blogger blogs.
  • This blogger related posts widget will effortlessly adapt to the design of your blog. Even if you are the using latest theme or older

  • Is far responsive. the related posts will routinely adapt to the display screen size of the readers phone.
  • This will make your blog bounce rate reduce.
  •  Very easy to install this related posts widget on your blog

  • Go to blogger dashboard and click "Theme", then Open your template code and find a code like below:

<b:include data='post' name='post'/>

Now copy and paste this code with the below code:

<!-- Guides NG Related Posts Widget START --> <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'> <b:if cond='data:post.labels'> <b:loop values='data:post.labels' var='label'> <span class='_140414_related_label' expr:post_id='' expr:url='data:label.url' style='display:none'><></span> </b:loop> </b:if> <div class='_140414_related_posts' expr:post_id=''> </div> </b:if> <!-- Guides NG Related Posts Widget END -->

Finally, click Save Template to make the code save in to your blogger blog, you can configure the below widget and add it to your blogspot blog.

Add Related Posts Widget Now

Immediately you click "Add Widget" the code will automatically install and display. now, move in advance to view one of your blog posts. you should see the related posts underneath it. Note: Make sure you add label to your blog post. Because if you don't add a label (categories) to a put up, you might not see the related posts under it.

You can alter the css regulations if you need to customise the appearance and experience. If you have any questions please feel free to drop your comment. 

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

MTN MoMo Agent: Easy Guide To Join

I have been hearing "MTN momo" since last month, Now it is turn out to be pretty popular collectively with the catchphrase "just MoMo it."

In this article, am going to tell you more about MTN momo and how you can become MTN momo agents to make extra cash in nigeria

What is MTN MoMo?

MTN MoMo is similar to MTN mobile cash. MTN MoMo is simply the fast word for mobile money.

I believe MTN Nigeria is attempting to step by step rebrand its mobile cash carrier as MTN MoMo as cellular money sounds too commonplace. now that we're clear about what MTN MoMo stands for, let's define it.

What's MTN MoMo agent?

MTN MoMo agent is a community store wherein you can go to to send and acquire money anywhere in nigeria. it's miles secure, speedy and convenient.

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More Explanation of MTN MoMo

In line with MTN Nigeria, MTN MoMo is a fast, easy, convenient, cozy and affordable way of transferring money, making payments and doing other transactions using a cellular telephone.

What can I use MTN MoMo for?

MTN MoMo can be used for a selection of things, a number of which might be something like:

1. Send and receive cash anywhere in nigeria.

2. Purchase airtime, Mobile data and internet bundles. Etc.

3. Pay for bills like: GOtv, DStv, StarTime, NEPA bills around nigeria.

4. Switch cash to banks and make withdrawals from ATM

5. Get hold of remittances from abroad.

6. Buy apps, and games on google play store, buy music on iTone, and many more.

7. Purchase and sell MTN NG stocks And Recharge Cards.

8. Directly ship and get hold of money to and from network.

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How can I became MTN MoMo agents in nigeria

For you to register MTN MoMo agents, you first need a valid image, ID card Or (drivers' licence, passport, voter's card) and MyMTN. After prepared this requirement, now;

1. Visit an MTN cellular money permitted merchant or the closest mtn workplace, and ask to be registered.

2. The merchant will capture your non-public details and provide you with a cellular money sim card.

3. Insert the sim card you collected on your smartphone. you will get an SMS asking you to sign up.

4. Then visit "MyMTN" on your smartphone and choose "cell cash"

5. Now select "sign in" and enter your ID kind and quantity.

6. Pick out and repeat mobile cash pin (four digits). your MoMo pin is your secret range, never proportion it with anyone inclusive of the service provider. Okay?

Now welcome message will be despatched to your smartphone immediately.

Congrats, you are now a registered MTN MoMo person.

Now dial this brief code *170# to get entry to the MTN MoMo menu. also dial this short code *150# then input 6 to test your MTN momo account stability.

You could now start enjoying all of the blessings of MTN cell cash.. to deposit cash into your momo account, you could visit any authorised cell money service provider to make the deposit. Or transfer from your bank account.

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Q1: What offerings are available at a MTN MoMo agent?

Ans: Customers can perform cash2cash transaction at MTN MoMo agent outlet. cash2cash is a MTN MoMo agent carrier, that allowed clients of MTN network to send and obtain cash from any a part of nigeria at anytime.

Customers don’t want to have a financial institution account to ship or acquire cash. all this is required is a go to to MTN MoMo agent close to them to send or receive money from any bank in nigeria.

Q2; How can i discover where MTN MoMo agents is?

Ans: this not stressful, to discover an MTN MoMo agent, just dial *223# & comply with the prompts. listing of agents, their cellphone quantity and addresses might be displayed. this service is loose.

Q3: How do i send cash at MTN MoMo agent?

Ans: Not stressful, just give MTN MoMo agent the money you want to send, and the agent will enters sender and receiver’s telephone  numbers and plays transaction. That's all.

So the sender will receives a five digit mystery code to be shared with the receiver for redemption at the same time as the receiver will also receives a exceptional 5 digits token required at the factor of redemption.

The sender will informs the receiver to take each tokens to the nearest MTN MoMo agent for coins redemption. Hope you got?

Q4: How do i receive cash from MTN MoMo agent?

Ans:If you are the receiver, you will receives a 5-digit code sent directly to your phone number. You will also gets a separate five-digit code from the sender. You will now takes the 2 codes (10 digits) to MTN MoMo agent and cash-out.

Q5: What if i lose my five digit mystery code?

Ans: Don't worry about that, just contact MTN on 180 to be guided on the five digit secret code regeneration system.

Q6: What if i lose my phone with my lively 5 digit secret code in it?

Ans: Don't worry, because the price range cannot be redeemed with most effective your 5 digit mystery code. to redeem the cash, the receiver will should get your five1 digit secret code and his 5 digit mystery code (which changeo0d into sent with the aid of the machine without delay to his/her telephone).

But, you may visit an MTN office to keep for welcome lower back and get your sim replaced.

Q7: Do MoMo agents allow any countries transfer?

Ans: Absolutely NO, the agent isn't available for global transfers. it best covers local transfers and open to MTN clients currently.

Q8: What is the minimal amount that may be transferred?

Ans: The minimum amount that can be transfer is N100 upwards.

Q9: Can i withdraw a portion of the money sent to me?

Ans: Absolutely no, you have to withdraw the entire amount despatched to you.

Thanks for reading, if you still have any questions regarding MTN MoMo kindly let us know through the comment section below. Thanks
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Opera News Earning: Easy Guides To Calculate Your Clicks.

Today am going to talk about Opera news earning calculations, this article will teach you exactly ways to calculate your clicks on Opera news. You can make constant monthly earnings with the opera news hub with out proudly owning a internet site of your own.

All you need to do is simply be inclined to paintings 12 to 48hours every week and you will get paid handsomely on a monthly basis.

Currently, Opera pay every fifteenth of every month for your previous month profits.the best way to earn more on opera news hub, is that, focus on publishing unique contents with good headlines. That's the secret to succeed with opera news hub

What are the ways to calculate my earning on Opera News Hub?

That is the purpose of writing this article. by means of following this guidelines, you will locate it clean to calculate your earningon opera news hub easily.

Clicks Earning Calculation(CEC)

  • Single click(1 click), will give you a visitors bonus of ₦0.036
  • 28 clicks will give a visitors bouns of ₦1.0
  • 100 clicks will get traffic of bonus of ₦3.6
  • 1k
    (1,000) clicks gets you visitors of bonus ₦36

  • 10,000 clicks will be traffic bonus of ₦360

  • 25,000 clicks is 25k x 0.036 equal to ₦ 900
As we all know that, opera news hub is a big platform, it’s highly clean to get more clicks on opera news, even greater than 10,000 clicks. inside a brief time frame. you may also receives a engagement commission from any of your post that get higher share and comments. This is an opportunity for you to share your post on social media and get higher engagement.

How to calculate engagement bonus on opera news hub.

Higher pay based totally on engagements on opera news platform, which means, only articles with greater than hundred engagements can be eligible for the Opera news engagement bonus.

Articles with more than 100 engagements (share and comments), it will be paid ₦ 1800 in keeping with a hundred engagement.

Engagement Earning calculation(EEC)

  • Article with 20 engagements is 0 engagement bonus
  • Article with 250 engagements is ₦ 4500 engagement bonus
Note: Your engagement bonus might not pay to your Opay wallet with clicks bonus, Why?

Because your overall income must reaches ₦2000, then opay payment would be processed by Opera news hub charge team after that.

If you want to make more money on opera news hub, be aware that you need to avoid the use words like OMG, Shock news, Wonder, Most read etc, Why?

Because they may be visible as clickbait meant to trap readers into clicking the post. adding them on your posts will make opera disapprove of your content material. By avoiding those words, you will get your article approve on opera news hub without delay.

Some of Opera news hub creators complain that opera do reject a lot of their post without many reasons, however i guarantee you when you attention on particular aspect both leisure,information, lifestyle and others.

Opera news hub can never reject your submit,and recognise that after writing make certain you do not copy from any information that has already posted on opera news via many writers that can lead to the reject of your publish.

Because readers don't like seeing again and again post without different approach from many writers.

Make certain you do not put up antique information and additionally consciousness to your headlines that is the maximum essential. And make sure your content fall in line with your headline.


how to write good headlines on opera news hub

How to get your article approve on opera news hub quickly

Legit ways to get more clicks on opera news hub
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